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When I don’t blog it feels like I’ve forgotten something. But I’m so very busily writing so the posts are few right now. It’s been a very nice Sunday and days like this should noted and treasured…First  I wrote and watered my plants, including this new mystery flower that’s grown up next to the bamboo. What is it?

Then I made serious Fried Rice, I say serious because it took lots of chopping and tasting and googling (to find out how to properly cook Basmati rice and whether Sherry really can substitute for Shaoxing wine). I recommend making this recipe; it’s full of interesting tastes but they’re subtle and it’s just the right consistency…and I love it. However it would be even better had I been drinking wine while cooking, but with no time for a lengthy nap I had to forgo the vino. And I hate Sherry so I nip of that wasn’t going to work. Here’s the recipe. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12177-fried-rice

A splendid day. Now to bed with my newest detective novel. Denise Mina…who’s okay, not wonderful. Scottish noir can’t compare with the real stuff from Scandinavia.