A Tree, a Sunrise, and a Sunset walk into a bar…


The idea of geography is exciting to me: especially “the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere…”  It doesn’t play out the way it should in my life though—I don’t  walk and climb and hike through it; I seem to be better at staring at it from train windows or my seat in a movie theater. I must find a way to fix this—some activity to engage in consistently. Could I spend a day a month visiting one of the magnificent bits of New Mexican geography? Surely I could.

The first week in April, Scott and I will visit some choice bit of geography in SoCal. Maybe out to see the desert in bloom, or through the mountains to Julian to be rewarded with an apple pie, or down by the ocean the ocean the ocean…  Then in May, a good Sandia hike when everybody’s here for Sara’s graduation. June, July and August are tough for New Mexicans, and early morning walks in the neighborhood aren’t exactly geographic explorations. although part of the definition of geography says “The study of … human activity …including the distribution of populations and resources, land use, and industries.” Okay, I could make a plan to walk some parts of my neighborhood—although unfortunately it is the most ordinary of lower-middle class neighborhoods. Maybe not.

In September, Steven and I may go on a giant road trip—which will be the study of GEOGRAPHY both from the car windows and trekking about in a grand way. Can’t wait.

This tree in the parking lot at my gym, a sunrise and Sandia (watermelon) sunset are the best I can do today.


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