“Billy the Kid shooting all those people over in New Mexico has made gunfighting real popular with the public.”  Larry McMurty, The Last Kind Words Saloon

So that’s how all this craziness started?

It’s hard to maintain an ongoing photo album of the immediate natural environment or the sights along the highway if you’re neither walking about or driving about. And I had such good intentions. I still intend to use this blog, Walk Abouts & Drive     Abouts to fall back in ‘small love’ (or ‘big like’) with New Mexico…which does have its own parched beauty, and summer mornings and autumn evenings are as good as anywhere. With no bugs to speak of, sometimes better. The history of this state is comprised of all those things compelling history demands—tragedy, bravery, duplicity, felicity—we were a territory of pueblos, then Mexican, then American. Manifest Destiny conquers all.

I haven’t loved it here for a number of years. Harsh culture, hot weather. Dry economy, dry weather. However it’s home and I will die here. I should try to love it again as I did the first twenty years. How to do that? Through the best of the natural environment I suppose. There are great walking trails along the Bosque, maybe in the mountains. And it is an almost perfect driving state. Space, big space, big sky. Mountains if you need a change. New Mexico’s open spaces are never boring…well almost never…because there’s always that odd outcropping over there, butte there, rain shower to the west, bright sun to the east, dust storm just ahead chasing tumbleweeds every which way…I’m making myself want to go for a drive.


I can’t start the ‘loving’ project right now because I’m going on a month-long trip North, Denmark, Greenland, Norway, England.  When I get back though…

It will be August. If I can fall back in some degree of love with New Mexico in August I can do anything. Meanwhile I’m including a great FB post today from a guy named Seth Biderman.


Seth Biderman on Facebook13528882_1773882426181968_8298175203297575136_n (1)





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