Well. As I’ve been thinking (and writing) about how I can become a better writer through blogging, it has finally dawned on me that I also must become a better blogger. Of course blogging is writing, however it is also many other things to which I have not been attentive—such as having an attractive inviting easy-to-maneuver site; responding to comments; paying attention to WordPress perks/administrative support; maintaining a regular schedule; and exploring the vast sometimes exciting, sometimes mundane world of blogs.

 Still. The heart of blogging is writing and the main reason for my blogging is to write the pieces I want to write and to do so in ever more comprehensible, interesting, compelling, and vivid styles.

 So. I am going to take a few days off from “Today X 365” and the “NorthFourthArtCenter Blog” and take a serious look at my list of things to write about and the best format for them. Fewer blogs with more categories or more blogs that focus on one or two topics. I am leaning toward the latter because it occurs to me that eventual followers of my travel blog (when it is fully launched) do not necessarily want to read about my brother’s new house. By the same token, friends and family who do want to see house photos may not be the slightest bit interested in international crime fiction.

 However. It also occurs to me that my obsession with different styles of notebooks and pens is just being transferred to blog land and I will experience the same amount of personal confusion over which blog in the Cloud as I do over which notebook on Land.

 Finally. A few days of sorting then. Returning with new and better blogs.

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